IMAP email username and password not accepted

I’m having trouble accessing my email account in both Apple Mail, and in an alternate mail app - Inky. This issue is only happening on my laptop. For some (lucky) reason it is not replicated on my iMAC. Dreamhost “support” has been entirely unhelpful. Their big tip was to delete the account, close mail, try to connect it as a new account. This achieved only the loss of all previous email associated with the account.

This problem started only after the change to the server so I don’t believe their explanation that the problem is on my end, and with Apple. I’m paying to have my business email hosted on the site and I’m very frustrated, as I travel and need to access my email when away from my desk!

Details: OSX El Capitan 10.11.4
Mail version 9.3

Any help would be most appreciated. Alternatively, recommendations for how to quit Dreamhost and quickly transfer email and web hosting to another business? I’m not up to speed on web hosting, email access problems. I thought I was paying for ease of use, and unfortunately I’m entirely mistaken…

What address are using as the host name in your Mail app? Or If you are using try changing to

I am having the same exact problem, I believe, also with no help from DreamHost… We don’t support 3rd party email applications…

This seems to only happen to new email accounts created on DreamHost for new or existing domains. Previously created email accounts can be added to Apple Internet Accounts without any problems. I don’t have an exact date for new / existing, but it would be at least a couple months ago. I am also using El Capitan on a 2011 MacBook Pro and 2009 Mac Pro.

I also tried creating IMAP accounts in Thunderbird without success. Nothing works except Webmail through DreamHost. Apple Mail returns “Unable to verify account name or password” when trying to add the account in Internet Accounts.

I knew I wasn’t the only person having this problem.

Do yourself a favor and just do Google Apps Their setup process is very easy to follow, you’ll basically just need to update some of your DNS records.

I am also using el-capitan with mail as my primary email client.

Yes you can add your dreamhost mail address to internet account what you need just the mail address, password, server address usually your

I don’t have any issue to add my dreamhost mail address my os x

I advise you to use pop3 so it can clean up you mail box immediately after you check you mail you can set these in mail – preference – account — advance

you need keep you mail box clean, or else your mail box will be broken.

I am experienced it few months ago even though I have those setting, I am forgot that pop3 didn’t fetch any email in old.message folder so it end up I can not access my mail box anymore, which I think it like what happen to OP (original poster)

I think what happen to me because I am rarely to check my mail via web and didn’t check the old.message folder, but now I am learn my lessons, always keep my mailbox clean and times to times login via webmail and look for the old.message folder.

I have been a DreamHost customer for many years and have many domains and email accounts. All older email accounts continue to work just fine in Apple Mail.

If I create a new email account on an existing domain or on a new domain (where this originally started for me), the account will not setup in Apple Mail.

I use the same exact parameters from the old with the new accounts in Apple Mail. I can add an older email account without problems. It appears to me this only effects newly created email accounts on DreamHost.

Try adding a test account on DreamHost and see if it adds to Apple Mail (via Internet Accounts).

I will try setting one up as a POP account to see if that works. Right now, I have the accounts set on DreamHost to also forward new messages to another of my email addresses.



as you suggested I try it.
new mail account with dreamhost

set it up as imap

result in internet account

as pop3


in my case it still works with new email address.
btw are you sure you can access that mailbox via webmail?
whose know the problems is in the mailbox it self not in the OS X
btw you can also tried to nslookup yang mail server

to make sure your os x dns server work properly and also to eliminated the problems within your os x

you using el capitan right?
if you want to, you can flush your dns cache using this command

Pop3 is not fail proof as me for example, the folder of old.message didn’t got clean up automatically, I hope in future dreamhost will make it possible if you downloaded using pop3 all email will get downloaded regardless the folder so you don’t need to worry about other folder.

I hope this will help you
ps. sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying and your English is just fine!
I got this far also, however in Mail / Connection Doctor it show it was not connected properly (suggesting user name / password issue). I did actually get the SMTP to work, but never got IMAP working.

I just tried creating a POP account in System Preferences / Internet Accounts and it was successful. It has no problem in Apple Mail / Connection Doctor.

So, I deleted the POP account (and SMTP automatically) in Internet Accounts and added the same account as IMAP. It worked without error and when I checked Mail Connection Doctor, everything is working!

I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad to get this going with your help!


Sorry for late reply, I am glad somehow I can help you :slight_smile: