IMAP Email Sent Problems

Hello all,

I am having problems with my IMAP email. I get this notification when sending/receiving:

Your ‘Sent Items’ folder was not polled for its unread count. Could not get the unread counts for ‘Sent Items’ on ‘Dreahost Lee’ Account: ‘Dreahost Lee’, Server: ‘mail.XXXXremoved for security by’, Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: ‘Mailbox does not exist, or must be subscribed to.’, Port: 143, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCCD2

So, I can’t synch my sent emails with my webmail, and none of my emails sent from my PC are in my IMAP sent, only in my POP sent. Any ideas? Other than that, everything works great.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem with Entourage. No problems with my other e-mail account though (using Entourage as IMAP client for both). It usually lets me send it after I wait around for that error message and then send it again. But it’s wicked annoying. It’s only been doing this for the past couple weeks. DreamHost staff, can you help?