IMAP Email Down 24 Hours Plus

For over 24 hours ALL of my email is unreachable by webmail or any other way:

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

I submitted two Support Requests so far and I have got no replies, phone calls or even acknowledgement from Support at all.

I am shocked since in the past I have gotten replies and resolutions very quickly for even minor questions. I also remember getting a “We got your Support Request…” message each time, which I have not seen at all this time. I am very concerned because I have two customer projects past due and email access is critical right now.

Does anyone else know what’s going on or is having any of the same issues? This is very seriously disappointing and frustrating. Thanks.

When I had that happen it was because I’d run out of mailbox space. You might be able to check that through your mailboxes panel. I hope you get a support answer soon.

Usualy they indeed get back to you within 24 hours, if not you get one of those ‘we’re busy but haven’t forgotten about you’-mails. Maybe they are sending those messages to an emailaccount that is currently unreachable for you? What I’ve learned on this board is to add extra contact-addresses so they can reach me on different accounts…

webmail is working for me right now (wednesday nov 29 347p pacific)

i would definitely set up a forward so that email to your main box goes to a gmail or yahoo account or whatever, and include the alternate address in your support ticket (probably obvious)

also, have you checked the Support History area? if DH sent messages to you, they will also show up there (even the automated “we haven’t forgotten you”).