IMAP Email Deletion Issues

I am using Dreamhost’s hosted email with the IMAP setup in Outlook 2007. I’ve browsed the forums, and like others, I had two options when deleting emails:
[]I can delete the item and have it disappear from my Outlook folder, but then it’s removed forever from the server as well
]I need to keep deleted emails but if I don’t have Outlook purge them, it just puts a line through them and leaves them in my inbox. I don’t like this because then the email is still there.

Is there any way to handle deleting emails beside just moving them to a separate folder every time I want to delete them?


I tend to be a poor email filer. What I did was log into mailboxes.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM and set inbox housekeeping as follows:

Remove read messages when inbox reaches 250 messages.
Remove read messages from inbox older than 7 days.

Checked- Even expire new messages.
Checked- Archive expired messages in folder
Unchecked- Notify me when messages are expired (via a message in my inbox).

You also have to set a folder, which I change once a quarter manually. When I reply to emails I always BCC myself too, but that’s just my preference.