IMAP email client password issue


I have email accounts with a variety of providers, the only issue I have is with my Dreamhost accounts. Periodically my main client, Thunderbird, will pop up the password entry dialog to check the account. Entering the same password as the one that is saved works to check the mail after a few trys. It’s not too much of a hassle for me, but confuses other users who experience this on other machines as well.


Thunderbird will allow you to save a password with the account so when you fetch mail you won’t get prompted unless the stored password is bad. Thunderbird also lets you save a password when you want to send an email.

The problem you might have with Thunderbird concerns the SSL certificate Dreamhost uses and the domain name mismatch with your SMTP or IMAP server (mail.[your domain here]). There’s an addon to dismiss these prompt; it adds a checkbox to the domain mismatch prompt (and I believe the addon is called “Remember Mismatched Domains”). If you accept the mismatches with this checkbox enabled the addon will dismiss future mismatches for that domain for you, relieving you of having to click an “OK” button and letting Thunderbird get/send mail unattended.

Some other mail clients have comparable functionality; you can find relevant tips in the Dreamhost wiki ( Good luck.


The passwords are all saved and haven’t changed. I don’t get the domain mismatch prompt, but maybe that’s what’s going on in the background during the repeated password prompts. I’ll try out that addon.


I think the issue may be within Thunderbird and not something from DreamHost. I have added that add-on and everything on my DreamHost domain seems to work fine. The reason I think it might be a Thunderbird issue is I have the same password prompt issue… for one of my Gmail accounts.

You might want to post about this on the Mozilla forums. I have been too lazy to but I think I will take a look around there now that I hear someone else is having the issue too. If I find anything I will post here.

The mismatched domain add-on is still a good idea however. I am not sure it will fix your problem though as like I said with me it is Gmail which would not have the mismatched domain issue.

Here is what I found in a quick search:

For me it might be that I have two Gmail accounts so it is checking twice as often as I think. Do you have more than one email account on Dreamhost servers being checked in Thunderbird or have the update set to a short time?


I have also had these problems previously, on one account only just last week. I use outlook and sometimes it seems that passwords are reset as the dialogue box pops up and the previously saved password doesn’t work. I then have to enter a new password via the dh panel before it works again.