IMAP down?

I’ve been having no luck getting mail via IMAP on mailserver smaug for the last 3 hours or so. I’ve tried my normal client and webmail and neither are working. webmail gives a squirrelmail error AND a php error (think it was fsockopen error). I can view the headers but try opening the mail and the trouble begins (actually had login trouble with webmail at first).

Got a ticket in on it, just wanted to squeak the wheel a bit if anyone of proper intellect and power should wander through. I get jumpy when I can’t open my mail!


the mail servers rotate, so you don’t always get the same one. I received a message via gollum about an hour ago. My mail app has had a hard time connecting a couple times today.

I just checked my web mail and it loads.

The mail server that shows up in the received line has nothing to do with the mail server that you are connecting to via POP3 or IMAP. There are a few suggestions in another recent thread about how to figure out which backend machine you’re actually connnecting to.

We’re working on some better solutions for load balancing mail that should hopefully be underway soon.

thanks will, glad to hear it


Did your problems get resolved?

yes yes, sorry I didn’t mention it. I quit trying to open mail after 5 hours or so then after I got the support reply (2977592) after 9 hours I looked again and it was working.

thanks for TCB baby