IMAP Connections

I am considering changing host providers for my website due to one frustrating issue with my current provider. They limit the amount of simultaneous connections for IMAP from an IP address and this causes several problems with OS X Mail. I have a couple email addresses through them (1 personal, 1 business and 1 for the wife) that all want to connect from my home computers. Since the connections are limited and there is no way to limit connections in Mac Mail, I am constantly getting errors connecting and have to re-enter the password several times to check my mail.

I have had a host provider in the past that didn’t have this issue, but they were otherwise unreliable. So in my quest to solve this issue, I am looking at alternate providers who’s solution is not to suggest using something other than Mac Mail.

I have searched here and cannot seem to find the same issue with users of Dreamhost, but would like to confirm.

Can someone let me know if having multiple email accounts setup as IMAP from using Mac Mail will be an issue with Dreamhost? Thank you.

I have in Snow Leopard configured with about 8 IMAP accounts hosted at DreamHost. I’ve never even heard of a concurrent connection limit and have never had a problem with my mail setup, either getting mail or Syncing all accounts.

Great! Exactly what I wanted to hear! Dreamhost is looking better and better by the moment!