IMAP backup

I’m just curious about this IMAP service dreamhost is offering. Do they make backup’s of the IMAP stored data? i mean, how big is the risk i loose all my mails on the IMAP server? is there a feature to “autobackup” locally and can “import” my backup back online just in case something happens on dreamhosts servers…nothing is hackerproof, so i assume some hacker might always be able to delete all IMAP accounts from all users of any dreamhost server, or lightning strikes, or earthquakes, fires, etc…

does anyone have a clear idea if using this service is safe, and if not, how to make a backup of the mails?

All of DreamHost’s data is backed up, but generally only for in case of hardware failure. Your home directory is also backed up in a local .snapshot directory in case you goof something up.

That said, real backups are your responsibility. The nice thing about IMAP is that you already have a local backup, which is your mail software.

IMAP has a feature to Sync mailboxes. If the server loses its data, you can re-sync and your local data will go back up to the server. This is also handy if you want to transfer your IMAP mail to another account.

Since I regularly back up my home computer, I’m all set in case of any disaster.


Thanks Scott…I also found a nice freeware program that does backup/import and even migrate between various imap servers

I added it also to the dreamhost-wikipedia or however it’s called…but i think people who are not so familiar with unix will love this windows tool :slight_smile:

btw, i had to change the .db file for succesfull migrating my old IMAP to dreamhost IMAP…my old one used / as dir structure, dreamhost uses a dot “.” for this

you can change the .db file using the sqlitebrowser
SQ version 3 Database Browser…can find this at sourceforge, also freeware…

hope that helps you as well for making good backups :slight_smile:

Technically, you get a Maildir in your user account which is backed up like any other directory. If you want local backups of that, rsync is easy to do. Taring it up should be possible as well. Never rely on only one storage location for important mail. Never ever. :slight_smile: