IMAP and Windows Mobile


Hi gang. Hoping to get some help here; Telus tech support is clueless here.

I have an HTC s720 smartphone running Windows Mobile 6. I have configured it for my work email (running off MS Exchange) and my Windows Live email (running off their protocol), as well as my personal email hosted by DreamHost and running the IMAP4 protocol.

I get my personal email just fine, and sent mail is delivered beautifully using DreamHost’s servers. However, Sent mail is not updated to the server, nor is Deleted mail. So, if I send a message from the phone, or delete a message from my inbox, no record is saved on either my desktop client or the webmail client.

Any suggestions?


That seems to be how my Treo700w works for IMAP Dreamhost mail, also (WM5).

I have come to expect that if I delete something while using the handheld, that it is gone, but I just checked the Deleted Items folder for one of the accounts, and there are some e-mails in there. Of course, that is not much different than using Outlook with Dreamhost mail and IMAP - mark for deletion, then purge, and poof, they are gone.

As far as a sent copy goes, you might just have to add yourself to the Cc: or Bcc: line to get a copy of the message you sent. A long, long time ago, on a VMS system in another galaxy, we always had to copy ourselves if we wanted to keep a sent copy of an e-mail.

Sorry this isn’t any help, just a confirmation that someone else is seeing the same thing you are.


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