So we just started a real simple affiliate program and none of our images are showing up once we upload our site with the FTP, although everything looks fine in the our html composer.
Any ideas why this may be?

In most cases, it is just a matter of the path to the images changing; I could tell for sure if I could see the page in question. Sometimes, the “composer” links to images *on your computer" instead of on your domain, and the result is what you are seeing.

If you you post a link to a page with the problem, I’d be happy to look at it for you. :wink:


ok it’s

Thanks, and could you also help me with opening links in a new tab so people aren’t constantly taken away from our site? Thanks again.

From looking at the source of your home page, if the images are displaying correctly in your “composer” (you didn’t say what program you are using), it looks to me as though you have not uploaded the sub-directories containing your images, or you have uploaded them to the wrong place on your server.

For instance, the first picture (013.jpg) is “not found” and should be in the directory path “Femjoy/Ariel” (placed beneath the directory your “index.html” file is in). Those directories are not there; the situation is the same on the rest of your images (though the directories are different).

As for your other question, to have a link open in a new browser window/tab, you need to add the “target” attribute to your links like this:

old link:

New Link:

Now that I’ve shown you how to do it, you should also know that you probably shouldn’t, especially since all you are doing with your site is driving traffic to other sites under their referral/affiliate programs. This article explains why (see Item #2). Opening a new window every time someone clicks a link on your site is not likely to increase your revenue, and may well impact it negatively. It is of course, your choice! :slight_smile:

Both the image display issue and the desire to open a link in a new window are well covered in literally hundreds of HTML guides/tutorials on the web, and you should probably invest a few minutes to go take a look at one of them. Just Google for HTML tutorial and you should find plenty! Good Luck!


Thank you kindly.