Images vacant

Hi. I just signed on with dreamhost and this is my first website. I have FTP’d my homepage correctly because it shows up when I go to domain but the images will not show up. I sent them through “binary” and they are showing in my /images folder and the images show when I open my page in my own browser so the html has got to be correct. I have tried everything I can think of. My code writes: <img src=“

Can anyone offer advice as to why my images may not be showing up?

Thank you.

could be a number of things…one thing I do notice is the caps in your .JPG

one thing you can try is to lower case them, relink them and upload them…

if that doesn’t help, maybe you can you post your url?

When you say that the images show when you open your page in your own browser, does that mean that you view the individuals images ( or the whole correct page (

Can you post the page URL so we can see your code?

Are your image paths relative or absolute? I’ve seen situations where the code is actually looking for images at the wrong directory level.

I mean that I could view the whole page - index.html
the URL is


I had already previously tried lower case .jpg and that wasn’t the problem

your images folder is not there.
“The requested URL /images/road.JPG was not found on this server.”

you still need to upload your images folder.

are you sure they are actually plain old jpgs? Are they really on the server? I see nothing in your source that should not work. Typing in just your image link, I get a 404.

not to insult you, but we had a version of Photoshop in our labs that made two kinds of jpegs, real ones and these “special” jpegs (I can’t remember what they were for) that did not work on the web. It tripped up lots of users. Maybe try re-saving your image (make sure it’s a 72dpi jpeg – hi-res jpegs sometimes break in browsers too).

cmyk jpgs do not work in web delivery. only rgb. but, even if it were a cmyk jpg, I could have downloaded it. but I could not even find an images folder in her root directory.

I can’t even locate “” at all. Are you creating your “images” sub-directory along side with that of “”? It should be WITHIN the latter.

Problem solved. Thanks so much everyone! I had created the image folder, but it wasn’t under the ‘’ folder itself.