Images Not Found?


I went through 3 of my sites today and realized the images weren’t showing. When I try to access the path where the images is at, it’s as if the file doesn’t exist.

I go through FTP and verified that the file is in the directories still.

At first I thought it was corruption, but I downloaded one of the image files and it works on my local computer.

If I re-upload the images, they work again. They were working last night…

All other non image files are working.

What happened and how do I avoid this?


It could possibly be a permissions issue. What error are you getting? A 404?

Are the filenames all lower case? Any spaces or other odd characters?



Watch out for the extensions bit:

image.jpg are sometimes written as image.JPG (in caps)


I’m not sure what the problem was. If I copy the file to my local computer and reupload it, it would work?

Also, if I moved the file to another folder it would work. …if I moved it back, it wouldn’t?..not sure what the problem was, but reuploading it worked for me.