Images in announcements?


Is it possible to post an image into an announcement on the announcement list function? Otherwise the emails look really dull. Any suggestions?


You would have to post it as an HTML formatted announcement and have the image on your site somewhere.



Emails are supposed to be dull. HTML emails are evil.

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So if I had it posted on my site somewhere, I could just copy the html code and paste it in the email box? i’ll try that. As you can see, I"m not a real techie, so if you have more hints, that’d be sweet.


I would seriously advise against this approach.

Emails are for reading, not ‘viewing’.

Include a link in your email to your fancy online version :slight_smile:


Yea, I like that idea. Thank you!
And I didn’t realize there was such a strong distaste for images in emails. In the sneaker biz, we get that ALL the time…


It’s not email as God intended, apparently. Lots of businesses do it. It just inflates the size of messages and slows things down, plus adds the risk of malicious hidden content.



I think most are getting sick of the spammers. But for legit emails, I prefer the html anyday. Thats what there for.

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That’s simply not true. Email was never designed to carry HTML or any other rich text formatting. Email was always meant to be a simple, plain text messaging system. The ability to add rich text formatting came about because of proprietary extensions to mail applications.

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Although I tend to agree that HTML email is a waste of bandwidth, consumer expectations tend toward “glossier” presentation. I never use HTML email when conversing with friends or co-workers.

However, I do have to consider using it when communicating with “consumers” who are interested in attending a charity event, for which I tend the website and announcement list.

Now, I know how to set up an HTML email that links to images on my website(s) – that’s easy. The problem is that most properly-configured email clients are set up to suppress the display of externally-linked images, unless the sender happens to have been explicitly placed on a whitelist.

The best way to make sure that HTML email with images gets seen is also the least efficient way: embed images in the email. Unfortunately, that’s what I need to do. And I don’t know whether there’s any way to accomplish that with DreamHost’s announcement list. I suspect there isn’t. Can anyone help me?