Images don't display?

I’m trying to troubleshoot something odd: My site appears to be operating correctly, except that I can’t get any background images to display (as in body background=“image.gif”)

I’m certain the HTML is correct, and am certain that the image is in the same directory as the HTML file thats using it. The image was uploaded in binary, with permissions set to 644. All my other images are working fine (ie. the ones that use the img src=“image.gif” tag)

I have many pages on my site, and this seems to be a problem on every page! Any ideas?


changinf img.jpg to your image… also have a look into CSS!!

Ah, you’re right-- it was a CSS file that got corrupted somehow while uploading it from Dreamweaver. Thank you very much; this is one of the last things I would have thought to check.