Images Disappeared and I'm Stumped

I foolishly volunteered to maintain a website for our high school class reunion, and I logged on today to look at something and realized that all of the user images on our directory listing aren’t showing up. The img tags are there in the HTML, and if you copy and paste the content into a web-enabled form (like an Outlook email), the images render fine. But for some reason they’re not showing up on the page.

Does anyone have any idea about what’s wrong?
The page is:

Please help me! I’m stumped!

If you disable the CSS, the images appear. After scouting around your CSS, I found the following rule in h1, img { visibility: hidden; }The “hidden” property is being applied to all images with this rule.

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D’oh! Thanks for that! I can’t believe I missed such a glaring mistake! blush