Images & Cookies WP

My wordpress site, I have many pictures, But the ones I recently loaded, GTmetirx says they have cookies. Why would they and not all the others and can I fix it without a subdomain redirect?

I own the pictures, loaded from my camera to cpu and loaded onto website.

Thanks for any help.

Hi bisonbuff, sorry to hear you’re having issues. I am not sure what the problem is though… I don’t know what GTmetirx is and what ‘cookies’ may be in reference to images you uploaded. Can you please state your issues with different words and provide screenshots, URL and other messages you get exactly as they appear? Maybe with more details we can give you more meaningful pointers on how to proceed. is a site performance testing tool. I had to take the pictures down, because of the cookie issue, so I can’t post a picture. But if you run a site trhough their test. You’ll see what I am talking about.

After the test, select YSlow tab, then select "Use Cookie Free Domains"
It will show a list of the items on that site that are using cookies.