Hello, I recently moved my website from another host to yours. I have a large gallery of photos that I transferred directly from the other site. The gallery is using PicKLE software, which requires the tool Imagemagick to be installed on the server for the gallery to resize and index the pictures automatically. I’d hate to have to re-do my entire photo gallery to move it to a different type of software.

Is it possible to have Imagemagick ( installed on morgan?


I think Imagemagick is on the servers, maybe is on diferent location, than in your old server… maybe try /usr/bin (If you where on cpanel or something I think is /usr/local/… so the location may change)


Yes, imagemagick is installed on servers here. if you need to specify a path to imagemagick it’s /usr/bin/ .

–Matttail - personal website

Awesome! Thanks. Had the path wrong.