Ok, I just need to know how I can install ImageMagick on my website and how exactly it works. (I need it for coppermine photogallery).

Any help is really appriciated

Thanking you in advance


ImageMagick should allready be installed on your server. I’ve never worked with copermine, but generally default settings work in my expirence. Maybe someone who usese copermine knows if you have to do something special to make it work…


well in the “config” for my coppermine gallery it has these options:

“Path to ImageMagick ‘convert’ utility (example /usr/bin/X11/)”


“Command line options for ImageMagick”

Ive left them blank because im unsure.

I just checked phpbb forum as the attachment mod will scan for imagemagik. It found it at /usr/bin/convert
So imagemagik will be in the convert folder not the bin folder.

Ah Ha, I guess that is what assuming will get ya. I thought imagemagick was one program not a bunch of small ones. I guess I’ll need to read up on it somemore.
I would like to see these programs better defined in DH’s wiki. Make it easier for everyone to understand them.
My appolgies,