ImageMagick, imagick, and more

Ok, I’m trying to install something for my website, which requires ImageMagick and imagick. It’s driving me nuts because I’m a noob and not entirely sure what I’m doing. When I try and run configure on imagick, I get the following:

So when I try and find out what that means, it looks like I need ImageMagick-devel or libmagick9-dev, neither of which I can install myself on shared hosting, from what I can tell. I’ve recently set things up so I can add to my php.ini, but I’m not sure how that will help me. Can anybody aid me in filling in the blanks to get this working, if possible?


Ok, I’m not sure if these files -work- but when I go to /local/bin I see MagickWand-config and Wand-config, so I’m assuming the files are actually here. Now, how do I point to them? I’m currently attempting:

but I get the same error, so I’m sure I failed that miserably :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, while I do see the files there, using which or adding -version to Wand-config, for examples, brings up nothing, so it looks like it isn’t actually installed. There has to be some way to install the appropriate libraries and whatnot without sudo…

put ImageMagick in a search on this forum. I remember a few recent threads.

Unfortunately, my issue is with the imagick extension rather than ImageMagick. Support won’t help me install, but I just got a response claiming I can install libmagic9-dev as a user without using sudo. Anybody know how I’d go about this?