ImageMagick/Convert problem?

I am trying to use a php pic/thumbnail script called BlorpScript (by Justin Frankel the Winamp guy :)) and it says this in one of the files:

// thumbnail config // ($thumbnails can be either "gd" (for GD), "convert" (for imagemagick), or "none", // or "manual" if you like to make your own (and put them in the right places)) $thumbnails="convert"; $my_convert_path=""; // you probably want to manually configure this for win32. …but I can’t get it to work. Should my_convert_path= be usr/bin because it doesn’t work when I try that. What am I doing wrong?

How about gd? Would that be simpler to use and if so how do I do that?

You might need to include the program /usr/bin/convert

I tried that already but will try again because I might have forgotten the first “/” part. Thanks.

If anyone has ever used BlorpScript please briefly explain what you editted to make it work, thanks.

Ok it turns out the convert does work because I can see the thumbnail files it creates in my ftp, but they don’t display in my actual webpage… it just shows the filename of the picture and it’s unlinked. :frowning: