ImageMagick convert PDF to JPG failing

The following command:
/usr/bin/convert 6-9-07.pdf -resize 144x144 6-9-07.jpg

hangs when run on the command line. Canceling execution displays the following error:
convert: Postscript delegate failed `6-9-07.pdf’.

Any ideas on how to resolve?

Looks like DreamHost is running a really old version of Ghostscript. Maybe that is the issue?

I used ImageMagick to convert a PDF file only two days ago, with success. Wait, I’ll try again…

Nope, no problem here. I can convert PDF to PNG, to JPG and to TIF, and the resizing works too.

It takes quite a while for long files though. Have you tried it with several different PDFs (perhaps generated by different programs, too)?

Edit: I’m on millhouse; don’t know if that affects anything.