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Hi guys,
I am using an image uploading script on my site. It was working fine on my home server running ubuntu with apache2 and php5. When I uploaded to dreamhost it no longer worked, it just gives me a blank page when I submit an image and the image is not uploaded. I assumed it was because of the extra security dreamhost has so I went into my domain settings and unchecked enable extra security, I waited a few hours and tried again and it still failed miserably giving me the same exact white page with no error or anything. I tried enabling FastCGI as I had read in other posts, it didn’t help at all, still white page. The URL is for testing purposes I left it unpassworded. I have also checked permissions on all folders that it uploads to and such and there is no problem there.


Bear in mind that you cannot use a PHP script to upload images with large file sizes. Annoyingly, the maximum upload size of 10Mb is still smaller than the default file size output by many digital cameras.

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None of the images I have uploaded are even close to being that big, they are all under 2mb or so. I have posted part of the script here index.php/txt submits to index2.php/txt. I have figured out that it is failing because the HTTP_POST_FILES variable in index2.php/txt isn’t being set to anything. When I run it on my server there is data about the image etc.


I have fixed my problem, php5 didn’t like it for some reason, the variables weren’t being set so I just switched it to php4 and it worked fine.


Switching to PHP4 is not a proper solution. The problem lies with the fact that you are using deprecated superglobal array variables. You should be using the $_FILES array instead. For more information, see this page of the DreamHost wiki:

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Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]