IMAGE Problems! Help!

I have one image in the IMAGES folders in the DreamHost FTP.

I have the HTML as

Reason why is because when I image preview in an external window this is the URL it tells me it is.

How do I just make it like like ?

Reason why I ask this is because in Mozilla, the image shows up fine with the img src long HTML link above they give me, but in Internet Explorer it shows up as a small “x”.

How do I fix this?

perhaps is what your looking for…

Give us the domain name and you can get a better answer, we are all customers just like you and seeing the actual example helps since we can’t look up your info…

aren’t does pluffy little yellow baby chickens cute

Didn’t work that way, do I really put the … there like you have or did you mean something else?[hr]
See URL above

Yes he did mean … the literal translation is “the directory above” or the parent to the current directory, and it refereed to as expressing the relative path.

But that’s not the answer because the image doesn’t appear to be located there.

Where exactly is your /images/ directory… is is under the directory, or is there another folder involved as well?

Also note case is important here… for example /images/ and /Images/ and /IMAGES/ would be 3 different folders.

also like LakeRat mentioned, look at the image name and extention. ALL small and caps must be exactly the same

It is under the images folder…[hr]
This is on the left side on the DreamHost FTP:

FTP Host

When I click on images it shows SeeChicks.jpg

images needs to be moved into -

I tried the MOVE command on the images file and it only moved the SeeChicks.jpg, not the folder, should I just create a new folder called images in folder?[hr]
Whew hoo, got it, thanks guys! All set. I had to create a new folder called images in the directory. Thanks!

At least now you know the basics of simple html