Image not visible in FF, but in IE

Hello All,

What a strange problem … please help me !
I speak about gifs (titles, logo, …) in my site.

My images are visible in IE at and
They are also visible in FireFox at BUT NOT at !!!

any clue on this ?

Code is really simply, nothing fancy, like :

I am stuck, and really don’t find any reason …

Thank you !


try clearing out your cache and loading the page again. If that doesn’t work, a link might be helpful.


In Firefox, go to “Tools” and select “Options…” Click on the “Content” tab. Under the checkbox labeled “Load Images” do you have a check next to “for the originating website only”?

If so, I think you’ll have to either uncheck that, or click the “Exceptions” button and enter both “” and “

Even though it’s effectively the same website, I believe your browser is interpreting them as two different sites.

It was actually a cache problem, apparently, cos’ now it’s working properly …
really strange though …

Thanks for your help !