Image magick

I would like to connect my drupal image module to the pre-installed imagemagick software on dreamhost. Dreamhost says that the directory is usr/bins/convert.exe, and that I need to install a script. Since I am a relative beginner, can someone clarify for me what the directory refers to? Is that mydomain/usr/bins? or And how/where do I install the appropriate script. The information on the kbase seems rather brief, or perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

I have not had problems, but maybe I’m not using imagemagick on Drupal … I do not have CGI enabled, so Drupal is running as an apache module and my understanding is that imagemagick on DH needs CGI.


What I did for the image module is point to imagemagick [at, I believe, “usr/bins/convert” – extension is not required] and it seems to be working.

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Thanks. Turns out I put in /usr/bin/convert.exe. Once I dropped the exe, it worked. Yea! It is all those little things that make you crazy.