Image linking


I’ve tried quite a few things to get this going but unfortunately I haven’t been successful. Anyhow here’s the issue:

I’ve got two domain names, lets call one and the second both ‘fully hosted’ on DreamHost. is ‘fully hosted’ and its web directory is defined as ‘/home/username/’ and the user is the same as the one for

I’ve got a CMS installed in the location so basically is running that CMS as well as its sharing that folder. However the images folder for the CMS is located in

When I access the website from it works fine, everything displays the way its ment to. However when I visit everything else is still there except for the images. The ‘included php files’ still work so I’m guessing the hotlinking or something is disallowed? How do I make it so the images will show?

The way the images are linked is by the directory path.
I’m sure the directory path is accurate because all other paths are working.

When I move the folder under, the site displays them. But the thing is, I need to have the images folder where it is, so I can use the same folder for other websites as well.


There should be another more straightforward way to do this, but have you considered creating a symbolic link to the images folder from

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Umm I guess not but then again I’m not sure what you mean by a symbolic link?

Have you ever SSH’ed in to your server?

A symbolic link in unix is like a shortcut in windows (not exactly, but that’s neither here nor there). The idea is that you create a link in your directory to the images directory in

The command you want to issue is:

Nope I never had to SSH before so I have no idea how to do it either but I’ll have a look at dreamhost wiki to see how it goes.

Thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a go and reply back if it works.

Good luck. As I said, I don’t think it’s the best solution, but if it works, who’s to argue? In these situations, I like getting things to work first, and then spend some extra time getting them to work the right way. (To that end I’ll have a few questions later after you’ve gotten it to work)

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