Image Generation

I am thinking of using Dreamhost as my host, however, I would first like to know if the latest version of the GD Library and ImageMagick are installed?

I haven’t checked to see what is the latest, but on Dreamhost:

GD 2.0.28 compatible (from phpinfo() )

Version: ImageMagick 6.0.6 08/13/06 Q16
Copyright: Copyright © 1999-2004 ImageMagick Studio LLC


Thanks a lot~! :slight_smile:

I believe the latest version of GD Graphics Library is 2.0.33 and the latest ImageMagick is 6.3.0.

Looking at rlparkers post (and verifying the same versions on my server), it would seem that DreamHost is a little behind with their installed versions.

If for some reason you must have the latest versions, you can always submit a suggestion to DreamHost via the suggestion section of the admin panel. In the past DreamHost have shown a willingness to upgrade their installed software, unless there is some overriding reason why they can not do so.


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Some days ago I asked for an update of Mediawiki, and it was done :slight_smile: So go ahead and signup with DreamHost. You will be safe here.

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Can’t we use our own version anyway ?

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