Image Errors


I began uploading some files to my site but the images wont work. When I directly view them through the browser I get The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I downloaded the image back onto my comp thru ftp and the image looks ok on the machine. Any help would be appreciated. thanks :slight_smile:

Your JPEG file is using a format the decoder in the browser can’t handle. Apparently you are using an Adobe product and have saved the image using a different colorspace than normal JPEG files.

And some constructive criticism, you’re really wasting bandwidth saving such as simple images as a 20k JPEG. Save it as a GIF or PNG instead, 256 colors, or if you really want, as a 24-bit PNG. But a 20k JPEG is practically an oxymoron.

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Yea i realized it was adobe after i converted to gif. Reason I left it as jpg is because i just wanted to see if everything was showing up correctly. Thanks for the help!