Im using cuteftp and I cannot even connect!

I keep getting thie error:
Unable to login.
This is usually due to an incorrect username or password. Check both for accuracy including whether or not Caps Lock is accidently enabled. If this error persists, check with your system administrator or hosting provider.

If you just signed up for your account today, chances are that DNS has not propogated yet.
You can “cheat” this delay by going to the DH control panel, getting the IP address of your FTP host (and probably your WWW host as well); for example,, and adding a line to the local “hosts” file on your PC to establish the hostname, which would look like: If you’re running newer versions of Gatesware, the hosts file can generally be found in “C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc”; note that on Win2k pro the “Windows” part is “WINNT”.

If you’re not good at editing text files or can’t locate your “hosts” file, then you’ll hafta wait a day or so for DNS to beam out through the Internet.