I'm unable to log in to admin discussion list

I’m unable to log in to administer our discussion list… no matter what password I try, it returns as Authorization Failed. Anyone else ever experience this? Which password am I supposed to use? How did you fix it? Is their server down?

We have a time sensitive post to go out. DH support responded in about 10 minutes to all requests until this happened… now they’re “swamped” and will get back to me at some point. The site owner is not happy as he stands to lose potential customers and I’m getting concerned.

In response to your post, I just tried to enter admin on one of my lists and thought I had the same problem, but it turned out to be that I was using my user password.

The password that you use is not necessarily your use password, but one you set up when creating the list, or one you changed the password to from the mailman administration pages. Luckily, for me, after a couple of tries with password arrangements I often use, I stumbled across the correct one, and was in with no trouble. :wink:

Unfortunately, for your situation, I have not yet found a way to display that password (even logged in), though once logged in I can change it.

It may take support to obtain the password for you; I’m going to continue to explore around and see if I can find a way to recover it, but I wanted to let you know right away that the correct password to use is one that was set-up for the list, not (though I suppose it could be, if you set it up that way), one of your existing user, mail, webid, etc. passwords (in case that might help you remember what your password might have been).

If I find a way to recover an existing password, I’ll post back. Good Luck!


Thank you rlparker for your quick response… Support just contacted me as they reset my password. In this case, I am the owner’s new webmaster and all this had been set up long ago… so I’m now OK… whatever you find out might help someone else though… and I’m also curious to see if you could find some way to do it.

Again, thanks for your reply and your efforts… Happy Thanksgiving to you!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m glad support was able to get your password reset, because I’ve poured all over the Control Panel, and have yet to find anywhere that particular password is available - it looks for the world as though it will take support to reset it if you don’t have it available. :frowning:

After failing to find anything in the panel to reveal, or reset, the password, I went to the documentation and Google - bottom line (from the documentation and “confirmed” with a whole lot of Google exploration):

Looks like mailman does not have a password recovery/reset function (other than the system wide admin password, which only DH has access to).

At any rate, I’m glad you got back in, and maybe this thread will help another in a similar situation - lost/forgotten mailman mailing list admin password = contact support. :wink: