I'm trying to publish my FP site

I finally figured out that I can use FrontPage to publish my web site instead of trying to figure out CuteFTP (impossible!). It says that I need to enable FP extensions, so I go to Goodies and FP extensions, but it says:

Internal Error: web server has no frontpage apaches?!
Please select a fully-hosted domain to enable Frontpage extensions on:

I checked to make sure that my domain is fully-hosted. It is.
And how am I supposed find out what to type in the “Publish Destination” box when I’m using the FrontPage publishing function? I entered ftp://nbannouncements.com/nbannouncements.com, which gets me to a window that asks for a username and password. None of my usual usernames and passwords work (including my Dream Host username and password).

Can anyone help me?

I’m having the exact same issues. Hopefully help is on the way.

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I gave up and wrote to customer support.