I'm not sure

I’m almost 14, and I was wondering if you think I have a good website - although right now it’s running a tad bit slower since it’s decorated for the holiday season. (I’m actually ready to get the holidays over with… I miss the blue!)

But anywho, and I was also gonna ask under the unreleased section, the Unreleased Pets is in a table… and it’s really a pain in the but to move everything down to end up creating a new row at the bottom… does anybody have any other ideas than a table, but to have it look the same (or atleast similar)?

Thank you so much,
Brock H.

Link? And ‘butt’ is spelled with two T’s. :wink:

Haha, oh wow, thats what you get when you post at 11:35 PM… you forget the point of your post!

The link is www.blue-nimmo.net.

feels dumb

Actually it is kind of neat. The red is way to bright, hurts my eyes. A dark red would be good enough. As for the news section the window is too long, Keeping it the length of the window used for games list is long enough. Either that or create a link and have the news on a seperate page.
I love the animated snow, nice touch.

Use divs and things will auto flush themselves:


Skunk Eyrie
Then it makes it extremely simple to add/remove images.

And Kill that right click script. It does not work (didn’t even notice you had one until I looked at your source). Plus, it’s useless. If a personally really wanted to take your images, there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

Hey, thanks. I was thinking somehow I should use a div, wasn’t quite sure how it would work though. Thanks. :slight_smile:

And I’ve been told to get rid of that script - I just haven’t wen through all the pages to get rid of it. I just don’t create new pages with it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’m having an issue again - this time I’m using the divs (very helpful by the way), but there seems to be a problem with the layout??

I want it in all rows, but at the end and once in the middle, it seems to not want to go in a row. Can anybody help me with this?


This won’t solve your problem, but I did notice a few things you may want to look at…

  1. <!--
<!-- remove the <!-- just before the <script language= 2. width="120" height="120" width="120" height="120" change these (there are 7 of them) to width="120" height="120" 3. change Unreleased Stuff to
Unreleased Stuff

Take a look at the div tag, some have a semicolon and others don’t. This is a good example of why you should place your styles at the top of the page or an external file. Then every time the browser finds a div tag is knows what style is to be used. By doing this either all div tags will be right or wrong and you don’t need to search through the entire html file to find mistakes, you only need to correct one line.
Hope this makes sense.

Yes, this makes sense - in fact I only have it on this page like that because of how I used to need to update it - before when it was one giant table, it was easier like that. Now it’s not a table. But it was easier just to keep it like that.

When I have a mass mistake like that, I go into Microsoft Frontpage or Notepage, and just find a mistake that is re-occuring like that, and replace it only once, and the program re-replaces all the rest for me with the Replace feature. :slight_smile:

I fixed it, thank you for that, but it still does not seem to be the solution… when it is looked at from far away, it looks like the divs with a yellow background go only underneath the other yellow-backgrounded divs… but I know this not to be true. I’m still stuck - any other suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

Remove language=“JavaScript” from your tag. It’s deprecated. One should move forward with web development.

Your tag is defined improperly. You need to add: type=“text/css” into it.
Use classes…It’ll allow you to put your CSS into one section and repeat it everywhere:

<style type="text/css"> div { padding: 1px;} div.pokemon { float: left; } div.pokeNew { float: left; background-color: yellow; } </style>Then for each div use one or the other:



New Pika!
[/code](btw, sorry if they're not pokemons. They just look it to me and I had to find an excuse to use it. :p)

Use HTML Tidy to clean up your code formatting. I’m a stickler with having pretty source code. I’m such a stickler, I even alter my scripts to put in the proper tabbing when the page runs. DIV is a block element, like P, so you should format it like so:


a bunch of text
more text
crappy stuff
[/code]But, like I said, I'm just a stickler for pretty source.

You’re using padding. Cause of this, you’ll get an appearant 1 pixel border around the content within each div with a background colour. If you change it to margin, the border will go away.