Im new And I want Dreamhost

i just got one question …i got arround 60 bucks for hosting and i want to pay arround 15 to 20 a month what is the best plan ? i want some real good ass plan with everything on it
p[lease help

Just go with the cheapest Dreamhost plan, if you find the need for more space or bandwidth upgrading to a higher plan is easy to do.

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You will need to define ‘good ass plan with everything on’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, the major difference between the plans is the storage space and bandwidth quota offered. The level 4 plan does offer a unique IP address, SSL certificate, VPN access and a ‘free’ copy of Miva Merchant, but if these are not important to you then you can make your decision based on the quota offered by the various plan levels.

I should also note that the level 1 plan does not include any support ‘callbacks’ (valid for US customers only).

Overall, I think you should study the DreamHost plan comparison page and make your decision. Remember, as others have said, changing plans (at any time) is extremely easy at DreamHost.

Note that you will have a 97 day money back guarantee (minus your initial ‘free’ domain registration) if you pay by credit-card or Google checkout.


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since you are already clear with your budge, you should concern about the your requirement next.

how much server space and bandwidth do you need?

if you are not clear, i’ll suggest you to try out with the level 1 plan first. as mark said, DH guarantee 97 days money back

Note: refund is only for google checkout and credit card payment. and the free domain is not refundable.

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Don’t forget that after the first year you will have to pay full price yearly. This can add up quick for someone that only paid $22 bucks for the first year.

And before you ask, promo codes don’t work for renewal.


Your budget is realistic, so you will be happy to find that you don’t even need as much.
Choose the level 1 plan (the cheapest one).
The first year will cost you peanuts, and the renewals will cost around $100 a year.
What matters are really the number of concurrent sql connections, and cpu usage, not bandwith.

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