I'm having MySQL issues bigtime


Last night, I was setting up Enthusiast3, and was trying to import all of my fanlistings and get it all set up. At first I was having a really hard time, but I finally got it (or so I thought). Last night before I went to bed, everything was fine; I could see my fanlistings and all my members and wasn’t getting any errors.

Then this morning I go and check to see if everything is alright, and I’ve got the “can’t connect to database” problem. Really weird, right? Why would it work last night and not work now? So, I go and try to login to phpMyAdmin on the hostname for the database that the fanlistings use, and it won’t let me login now. My password isn’t right, or something, but last night it worked just fine.

The same thing goes for my other domain and database. I’d installed wp with the one-click installer and last night it worked fine, but now it gives me the wordpress error page.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

~ love and light


Sounds like there’s a problem with your mysql server, or for your databases at least. I’m sure you’ve not done anything wrong. Put a message into support and explain the issue to them - they should be able to get your straightened out.



Yes. It happened to me last week. I had an extremely quick response from support once I had opened a ticket. The reply had this:

We had an error on one of our internal systems which generated some incorrect configs. The initial problem has been fixed and the configs are being regenerated globally.

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Thanks, things seem to be settling down a bit and those sites are working now. I guess I just have to be a patient girl, eh?

Thakns for you guys help :stuck_out_tongue:

~ love and light