I'm Have NO Idea What I am Doing. I have Hosting and a registered Domain... What Now?

Ok folks. I am lost as a fire ant in a wirl wind.

I want to create website that I can post my articles on and write for myself instead of another site. I also want to be able to add my Amazon Associates links.

Well, I read around sounded easy and ran on down to the DreamHost store and registered a Domain for the new site and bought a hosting package. I thought I could click a few things add in the content I wanted and build my page right there. WRONG!

I am so lost. I pretty much have a years worth of hosting and domain that I have no idea what to do with.

I also have my WP.com blog, SoSimplyStephanie.com that I wanted to do the selfhosting for. I registered it through WP.com a few months ago. I clicked install domain on Dreamhost and added the sosimplystephanie.com domain now. It says it went through. What now? Do I just continue to edit like I normally would on WP and it automatically update. Now that it’s on Dreamhost do I ever need to do anything with it on Dreamhost? Can I add Amazon now that it is on a paid hosted site?

I thought I read somewhere it had to be WP.org but I don’t see how to create a WP.org site.

So sorry to be needed but I do not understand all of this. I read everything I could find and everything said it was 'so easy, just create a blog and host it. " or ‘build a website easily.’ Forgive me but freewebs.com is easy. I thought it was going to be where you just add the content you want and hit save using various modules.

Please help- about ready to give up and realize that I may never be able to understand this!


Sorry to hear of all the trouble! Our tech support team will be in touch with you soon to help clear this all out with you. We appreciate your patience. Thanks so much!

I have the same problem it’s all new to me the php sql etc. I can use some help also.
I am going to attempt to learn.Thank you!
And good luck to you Stephanie.