Im hacked! plz save me dreamhost!

Guyz… I’m in big big trouble, don’t know what to do…
i got this mail from dreamhost few hours ago

Your DreamHost account contact email preferences were just changed via:

The old account contact email address(es):

The new account contact email address(es):

The time of the change:
2008-08-10 15:57:54 (Pacific Time)

(This account manages the following domains:
all of my hosted domain names )

by going to

Or, if you can’t log in there , you can contact support at:

Your contact email addresses are crucial to the security of your account!

If you DID make this change, you can ignore this message.

The Happy DreamHost Account-Email-Change-Double-Checking Team!

I’ve mailed them, but no reply yet. but the most dangerous thing is all of my hosted sites are not opening, and all files has been delated! Before inactivating my accounts the hacker deleted all of my files. will they recover my deleted files if dreamhost give me back my account?

What to do now? I’m gonna die…

You mailed them, or did you use that contact form? The contact form is the way to go.

They’re pretty good about recovering your site and data.


i used the contact form, still waiting for their response

They mailed me, hope i’ll get my account back soon.

Good to hear. Let us know how it goes. And once it’s back, they’ll probably tell you to change all of your passwords: panel, FTP/Shell users, email, databases. Once someone gets the keys to the kingdom, they can spend a load of time looking for more keys (passwords).