I'm FEd UP!

Hi All,

I’m here typing to you all seeking help please related to my account with dream host. My partner wanted to try out the PS over in the panel as he saw the 1 week free thingy. Anyway he did activate it and after the 1 week ended, we wanted to get back to our normal shared hosting and what now?! We are using more than 200MB of our limited shared environment.

What ever happened, Why weren’t we using more than 400MB before we pressed the PS button!? I can assure you i didn’t even add 1 site or even change ANYTHING in the files or ANYTHING within that week to cause at least 300MB load on RAM. Now i’m loosing money, with something i don’t’ need and something which is expensive i can buy a whole linux dedicated server with what i pay per month for the PS.

Now, I’ve emailed Support a MILLION Times to help me out with this, and they just send me crappy links to wiki articles which do NO USE AT ALL to how to get back to shared hosting.

I’ve parked ALL my sites for more than 10 days, and im still using more than 400MB RAM?!HOW!? WHY!?

Please everyone, I want a solution for this, and please i don’t want links to crappy stuff which lead no where like support just gave me, I Want a solution which actually works! If i delete EVERYTHING ON MY ACCOUNT FOR THIS CRAP THINGY TO WORK I’LL DO IT.

But please help!

Thank you very much!


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I’ve always suspected that individuals on shared hosting could be using more resources than Dreamhost can detect through normal monitoring. The proc killer kills individual processes that are using too much memory or cpu and the limit on the number of concurrent processes keeps massive load from taking the server down (sometimes), but if you have a moderately large number of moderately large processes, you can be using a significant proportion of the server without being detected if you’re lucky - especially if this usage isn’t continuous.

PS being a separate virtual server allows instantaneous and continuous monitoring of the “sum” of the resource utilization of all the processes running simultaneously under all our users and will provide a much accurate and detailed report of how much resource we are using.

I can’t help with your being able to convert back and I do sympathize with your problem. I hope I’ve been able to help explain the logic behind your problem, though.

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Thank you for replying, You did explain me the logic of it and Thank you yes. But i still want to get back to shared hosting, because till now i dont even know what is causing the load, CPU line barely even goes above the x-axis and its the memory which is high up.

Thanks again


I’ve deleted nearly everything off the account now, i’m only hosting now 2 domains and 2 mysql databases and thats it.

Hope it works!

Are these sites forums? Many times you will have a lot of memory caching going on.

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I forget to mention, I just saved my time and deleted everything on the account and RAM went down to 9MB. LOL

I’m back now to shared hosting.


& Of course thank you guys for replying :wink:

I am now a happily Dream host customer again :smiley:

Glad you got everything worked out.

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