Im dumb

Please can any one help? I’m just getting started. I suck at design so I have a template from monster templates .When I upload the template via file villa .It does not work because of all the folders. I would like to have all my images, html, and flash in different folders how can I do this .the only way I could figure it out was to put all the files in one folder. Any help would be great. Also I would like to start to uses dream weaver to make my edits and directly upload from their .I know I’m doing some way wrong .I’m new to this so any help would be great.

Try this forum for those kinds of questions:

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Your post style and mass are scaring people away from answering questions.

  1. You’ve asked a whole bunch of questions at once.
  2. You haven’t really given people enough information to be helpful.
  3. You haven’t used good paragraph structure. This leads people to shy away because it’s hard to read and because it leads us to the perhaps mistaken opinion that working with you is going to be a frustrating experience.

All this aside, I think you should first post that template and perhaps a link to the original. Tell us what edits you made and where you put each of the “files”. My first instinct is that the template was written under the assumption that all other “files” were in the same directory as the template file. This means that you have to do slightly more complicated edits to the links to get them to work properly.

Finally, are you sure you need to create your own HTML? Perhaps you could get by with a one-click install of WordPress? Do you want to be a hardcore web designer or do you just want some simple site content? If you just want a very basic site, WordPress can do fine and you can avoid having to learn html.

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Well, the basic issue is that when you move files to another folder you are breaking the internal links to them.

Go ahead and get Dreamweaver operating. Once you do, go to the box to the right that says Files. You should find a link around there for Define A Site or Manage Sites. Go through the little “wizard” and tell Dreamweaver where your site is located on your computer, including pointing it to the index file at the Site Map Layout tab (which is in the wizard).

From then on you’ll be able to drag and drop files within Dreamweaver’s file manager and it will auto update the internal links for you.

Also, in the “wizard” is a place to set up FTP straight from Dreamweaver, so you can make changes and then “Put” them to your server directly from the Dreamweaver interface.

You would be STRONGLY advised to get yourself a Dreamweaver For Dummies book… it will help you a LOT.

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I have the book “Dreamweaver CS3 The Missing Manual” (or whatever version of DW you have) by David Sawyer McFarland which is awesome and I think you’ll enjoy too. I also picked up “CSS The Missing Manual” by the same author to study style sheets. Those should get you making really nice sites :slight_smile: