I'm considering switching to DreamHost

I just have a few questions about dreamhost before I make the switch. (Sorry if these are kinda n00b questions)

What makes dreamhost better than others?

Which Plan should I get if I’m going to be hosting 3+ (medium sized) sites?

When I switch, can I keep my name@site.com? (this is very important)

Is the interface easy to navigate? Not too big of a learning curve?

If I have any more, I’ll ask here.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

I think the answer to that would depend on exactly what you are looking for in a host. Some of the primary reasons I switched to DreamHost were as follows (no particular order);

The ability to host multiple domains/sub-domains with a large degree of independence, by this I mean the way DreamHost treats sub-domains just like full domains, with their own web accessible directory, email accounts etc.

DreamHost has an attitude that I like. A good example was during a particularly bad period of network problems last year, instead of trying to gloss over the problems, DreamHost did their best to keep us customers informed as to exactly what the problems were and how they were being addressed. The problems themselves were annoying, but not nearly as much as they would have been had we been kept in the dark.

Then of-course there is value, in my opinion nothing comes close to offering the value of the DreamHost plans.

Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘medium sized’ sites, but I imagine you will be fine on even the Level 1 plan. You can always upgrade at any time via the panel, there is no downtime when you do this.

I am assuming site.com is your domain? If so, then yes, you can choose whether to transfer the domain registration to DreamHost and host the domain here or leave the registration where it is and simply configure the domain to use the DreamHost name servers.

DreamHost use a custom written admin panel, which can be a bit of a culture shock if you are coming from something like cPanel. Many things are done a little differently here, but once you get used to where things are and how they are done, the panel is a joy to use.

Feel free, we’ll do out best to answer them :slight_smile:


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Sorry, by "name@site.com" I ment e-mail address…

I should have specified.

I realized that, but is site.com a domain that you own? or is it an email address that you have on someone else’s domain?

Like I said, if it is your domain, then you can easily keep receiving mail on that address by transferring the registration and/or hosting here.

However, if the site.com domain belongs to someone else, you will have to arrange for your email to be forwarded to an address on one of your domains hosted here on DreamHost.

or you could just continue to pick up your mail from site.com, if that is possible.


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[quote]What makes dreamhost better than others?


[quote]Which Plan should I get if I’m going to be hosting 3+ (medium sized) sites?


Probably level 1, and it’s easy to upgrade later.

[quote]When I switch, can I keep my name@site.com? (this is very important)


As already said, yes, if site.com is yours. If site.com is earthlink or aol or similar, you’ll have to keep paying them.

[quote]Is the interface easy to navigate? Not too big of a learning curve?


Nothing to it. :wink:

They need more support help.
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you can also keep yours email addresses. To do this, simply create email server in DH.

But all your previous emails are still in your old server. You also need to disable or point the old email server to DH email server.

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I must warn you that DreamHost is currently undergoing some issues, and support times are atrocious for a host!

I have been waiting ONE WEEK and counting for account activation in a 24 month contract.
Sent yesterday [Jan 4th, 2007 - 12:27:21] a Critical priority email (aka “OMG”) regarding the issue and there is no reply so far!
Funniest part is that I am actually paying for this week of no service according to the billing menu.

Think twice before jumping into them right now. And never pay with PayPal, since it’s non refundable!


nice to see you again ExpertFAQs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just couldn’t held it…
Due to my personal commitments, I had it planed to develop the website during this week, and during the next weeks dedicate myself solely to my university studies… so that I could come back after that with a site that just needed to develop content and not the actual portal.

By the looks of it, it appears I will have to revise my planing…
This isn’t something that I could (neither should) keep away of newcomers. In some way I think we all have a schedule to keep up and expectations to fulfill, so beware because things can go wrong ATM.

foo happens everywhere and hiding it doesn’t help anyone.

But, once you get rolling with DH it’s pretty hard to consider somewhere else. It’s absolutely a dream not hearing people crying about getting $1000 hosting bills just because slashdot or digg picked them up.

And compared to windows hosting shared linux hosting is pretty flexible.


I would like to let you now DreamHost has just activated my account. They have also revised my billing date to reflect this week’s wait.

This may be the start of a long lasting partnership.

Thank you for the help everyone…

Just one more question before i leave you all alone,

One of my sites is currently hosted on Dreamhost… But it’s not my account.

I won a contest on a forum (costume contest), and received free web hosting. The only problem is that I do not have admin rights, and such.

My question is, would I be able to transfer that site automatically, or would I have to do something different.

Just a note: users who already have a domain on our system are not elibgible to use promo codes or give referral credit. In order to move your domain to a new account it will need to be a fully paid account.

Your situation is of serious concern to me. We recently signed on with LunarPages because of their “amazing” offer. They could give us 50Gig of space (even tho we needed 200gig+) but would guarantee a transfer of our entire site by their techs within three days if we signed on to a two-year plan. To make such a move we’d have to hire a programmer and to reset the pathway in our store, ads and writer’s scripts the cost savings offered by LunarPages was advantageous. We signed on, provided every bit of access information they would need to make the physical transfer and waited. And waited. And waited. Emails, phone calls, emails, more emails but two weeks and nothing.

We yanked back our two-year contract fee and within two hours they were calling with lots of apologies and pleading us to reconsider - that we got lost in the cracks, tech support had been severely dealt with for being so flippant with us but we stood fast and said “no way” because if we were being treated like this coming in the door, we could only expect worse down the road.

To some people who do this kind of thing as a hobby, may be retired with little to do but futz with their website or blog all day long being inconvenienced for a week or two is livable. To those of us who depend on making sales each and every day, hourly if possible, just to pay our rent and hosting fees, it means web life or death. Two weeks could be the seal of death to our business.