Im a real newbie!

ok so ive got my homepage and have transfered my files to my ftp but it just will not publish to my actual webpage i dont know using filezilla and nva to try and do it but my files keep getting sent to webftp on dreamhost whats going on i need step by step guidanca lol…im sorry in advance im very new …thanks in advance to if any one out there is willing thanks…

Most probably, you uploaded the files to wrong folder. When you log into your domain via FTP, you should see three folders. Maildir, Logs, and You should upload your files inside folder.

If you have uploaded the files to the right folder but still can’t visit your website, it could be because your domain is too new to the public. I guess you just registered your domain. It will take some time for new domain to propagate (to be available) in the Internet.

So please check whether you have put the files in the right folder and give Internet some time to publish your domain.

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