I'm a DH believer again



I was having a bad problem in the slowness of my site loading - it was taking over a minute. Mike M. from DH support was able to diagnose and solve the problem and explain exactly what was going on. Basically it was three users serving up media files and way over their limits. He throttled them back and my site is coming up in 8 seconds. Mike even recommended diagnosing some of the Wordpress plug-ins so that I could reduce the load times even further. When he removed them as a test he got the load time down to 3 sec. I’m a DH believer again.

All the best,
Ted Sudol


That’s good news, and I’m glad they got it sorted for you. :slight_smile:



Good deal, Ted.

What were the 3 problematic plugins? It would be great if others could know which plugins to avoid if they want a fast-loading site!

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Not sure how maintainable it would be, but might something like this be a good thing to put on the wiki? Could create a list of modules known to run slowly or cause other problems on Dreamhost along with, maybe, suggested work-arounds if people happen to know them.