Illegal Activity


A website in your IP space has been compromised and is being used to house a phishing site directed against our financial institution.
The offending page can be found at:

This page is being used for criminal activities with intent to defraud our customers and steal personal information. This site is also in violation of copyright laws through unauthorized use of our logos, brand and design. I am requesting that you use whatever means necessary to block and take down this offending page.

Please place this request into the hands of the appropriate security personnel within your organization so that action can happen immediately.

American National Bank of Texas



mmm hmm :rolls eyes:

Oh, while you’re here… can I get a quick loan please?


A DH Employee was informed, but please remember that this is not an official means of contacting DreamHost Support (or any official DH representative for that matter). This is a customer-to-customer forums only. Using the contact form ( is the appropriate means of contacting DreamHost.


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You can also contact the Abuse Desk directly at :wink:



Actually, you should also email for abusive hosting or email from anyone hosted at Dreamhost.

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Oops. Apologies, I forgot to hit send.

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Check your website for those files. If you did not upload them, it means your site has been hacked. Remove those files immediately.

You may want to inform DH by sending an email to as other suggested.

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The OP isn’t a DH customer. They’re supposedly the bank targeted in the phishing attack. You’d think a banking institution would know the appropriate avenues for reporting phishing sites.



Yeah, I agree. I have a hard time giving this much credibility given the nature of the OP’s post here.



ah, i thought hte OP was telling us about a scam email he’d received.

Seems pretty silly targetting a board of techy-savvy gurus :wink:


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me too.

spam vs spam

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Actually this doesn’t work.

We have reported a child porn site numerous times for several months to no avail.

We are starting to suspect DreamHost might be running some kind of sting op. along with some idiot lawyer in NY and his little “ChildLaw” campaing just to incarcerate naive people who are stupid enough to join such site.

The site is and the lawyer is and yes you go ahead and ban this post from this blog now since this is what you hypocritical bastards do best. I could care less and i won’t tire until justice is served the right way! NO TO CENSORSHIP!!! NO TO ABUSE OF POWER FROM GOVNT LAWMEN AND CORPORATIONS!


Well first off I had a difficult time reading your post.

Secondly I would love to see the IP off this guy, 95% chance he’s coming from a rival hosting site.


That could be, but I’m thinking there is a 95% chance this guy is just trying to promote that site :wink:



“yes you go ahead and ban this post from this blog now since this is what you hypocritical bastards do best.”

Actually you’re at Dreamhost not FP, HM or BH.


The only suppression of information here is your neglect to offer an unambiguous intent for posting.


Right on! Tell Che I said hi.

You really should check the label on your medication. I think your doctor screwed up.


wow im surprised you mofos havent banned me yet. Interesting.
Check my IP. It is in Mexico so i doubt any rival site will be hosted here.

Yea thats very clever im here to promote a kp site. Applause to you.

Also if you have a hard time reading more than 1 line perhaps you have either sight or mental problems.

Im anything but a communist. So the Che reference is humourous. Is that your best shot? lol.

There is no neglect anywhere except the fact DreamHost promotes a kiddy porn site. Now deal with that.

As for medication. Totally off-base.

Have a nice day.


You might want to be a little careful about slinging around libelous defamations, lest you find yourself on the wrong end of a law suit. Anyone with the tiniest little dribble of brain matter would know that DreamHost does not promote child pornography.

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  1. Please refrain from personal attacks on this board.
  2. If you report the hosting of content that is illegal in the State of California, it would surprise me if Dreamhost didn’t act on it.

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Dood do not threaten me. You think you are safe and a smartass just cause you are behind a computer somewhere right?

·1 I was first personally attacked. So i only defended myself. Therefore save your bullshit for another day. Thanks.
·2 yes, didn’t you read the original post?
i repeat the site has been reported numerous times to no avail. Of course DreamHost is not doing anything. This is the most suspicious item here. California - Brea - New Dream Network Llc

See that??


And now im outie.

Goodluck with your findings. ASSHOLES.