Illegal Activities II



It has come to our attention that you have been hosting the child porn site for quite some time now and despite numerous abuse reports sent to you you still refuse to put it down.

Does this mean you support “child modeling” sites since you protect and support this child PORN site that features a very famous case of Marsha Allen little DisneyWorld kiddie pr0n starlet?


If the site you’ve linked to twice really is kiddie porn, why don’t you just contact the FBI?


nice one.
Yea the FBI in CA has been notified about the illegal activities of DreamHost but them guys move slow.

I would think that with common sense it’d be simpler to pull the plug on the offending site. But this neglect is what makes it all the more interesting after many months of reporting.



Meh … “kiddie porn” wasn’t viewable (at least to non-members) when I looked at it after your first post. The site is definitely not my cup of tea, but from what I saw there I’m glad it takes more than your opinion of the site to get it removed.

Let law enforcement do it’s job - they may be oppressive pricks at times, but at least part of the time they follow some semblance of due process, unlike the ass-hats that are constantly screaming for one site or another to be taken down “to protect the children”.

Good job driving traffic to the site though … I’d have never looked at it had you not publicized it. :wink:



I think the FBI moves very quickly on verifiable and legitimate cases, unless they’re intentionally keeping it open for the gathering of intelligence and evidence for future prosecution.

What are [color=#CC0000]50DISK50[/color], [color=#CC0000]3DOM50[/color], and [color=#CC0000]1IP1DOM50[/color]?
They’re Dreamhost coupons!

see that?
Thats masha allen herself. The former hardc0re kiddy pr0n starlet. That pic itself is of course not kp but you can find the hardc0re action inside the members area. And its ALL hosted at DreamHost.

Are you not aware no host in USSA (United Socialist States of America) supports the so-called “child modeling” websites? Look around… you will see 99.9% of them out there host out of the Netherlands because they simply get shut down and their domains confiscated with no warning or explanation by your beloved people in power in the NaziUSA.

DreamHost is not exactly a bastion for ‘free speech’ and liberty you know. This is what makes it the more suspicious.

This is precisely why i suspect this is a sting op in full agreement with DreamHost. Otherwise it wouldn’t be there longer than a day. Innocent & Naive people may be falling. And this could be YOU.

Thats not called “gathering intelligence” either. Thats called ENTRAPMENT and crime MANUFACTURE.

Maybe you need to read a little bit especially operation ‘HotAir’.


Since you’re here to promote it, it sounds like you actually get off on it. Are you posting this from your van, parked across the street from a playground somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re spamming it, not reporting it.

I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone use “our” while speaking about himself and his hand. :smiley:

Translation: During my daily search for kiddie porn, I noticed that one of the sites I was bookmarking was hosted here. I’m going to link to it here to help promote it and hope that other sickos can enjoy it as much as I do. In case the authorities are watching, I’ll pretend that I’m actually reporting it, instead of loving it.

Or should we believe that smart people don’t know how to report a site without being their fanclub president?

Another free clue, if the content is even illegal (not clicking your spam to find out): It’s often the case that illegal sites are left up and monitored to build a case against it’s users. Dreamhost does cooperate with law enforcement, and if that is the case, you’re not someone that will be kept up to date on it.

In that case, the most you can accomplish with promoting your new favorite site, is tipping off the offenders that someone might be watching.

In summary, you’re either just a troll that couldn’t care less about children being abused (my guess), a fan of the site that’s here to promote it, or the equivalent of someone tipping off a local drug dealer that their house is being staked out. Good job.

In any case, if you truly had a problem with it, you wouldn’t be promoting it… and you are promoting it. The fact that you chose the “Curious about Dreamhost” section to promote it really shows your love for the site. I’m sure the parents of any children involved appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

I’m sure your response to this will be totally unpredictable, intelligent and full of useful information (and probably contain a few more links to kiddie porn sites and/or the images they use as logos).

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If i was “promoting” an illegal site right in the core of its host why is it taking so long to shut it down then and “reported” to authorities?

You are totally out of your mind. In conclusion im out of here because it seems you are all the same fuckin class of assholes abounding everywhere.

Good luck with your findings. ASSHOLES.


Yeah, right. :smiley:

How DARE they treat poor pedophiles like drug dealers, terrorists, prostitutes, etc… it’s so unfair!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You seem nervous. Are you afraid that the amount of time you’ve spent there will lead to an arrest?

Glad to see you got their logo in there. I’d hate to see you go a whole post without promoting your favorite site.

Is this the part where we pretend to be shocked that you have member access? Too funny! :smiley:

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for as “offensive” as you find that site, you

  1. Seem to be posting its domain quite often.
  2. Seem to know quite a bit about it.


Using that logic, you must think there’s no such thing as spam.

Spammers also get shut down, arrested, etc… but they reach so many people before it happens, that they consider it worth the cost.

That should be pretty obvious, since someone that truly had a problem with the site would be trying to shut it down behind the scenes, keeping new visitors away. Instead, you chose to promote it.

Maybe you’re the owner of a competing site? In any case, the obnoxious way you chose to handle it doesn’t sound anything like someone that cares about what’s happening to children.

Seems more like a hidden agenda. I already mentioned one possibility, which is that you spend enough time there that you’re worried about an arrest… and think that referring to this thread will somehow make you look like a good guy.

Who knows? We only have your word here and you haven’t exactly put any effort into being credible…

… see what I mean?

Let me guess… you can’t figure out why no one takes you seriously? :smiley:

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