Iframe support

What is browser support like for iframe?

I am playing with a PHP poll script. The author of the script recommends using iframe to include the poll on HTML pages. But I am not sure if iframe would not cause problems for some users.

I’ve tried including the poll using SSI and ended up with open basedir restriction errors all over the place. The poll would show up, but that is about it - the script wouldn’t run at all. My using SSI has somehow messed up the script’s file paths.


IE 4 on up support iframes, but newer versions of IE support it best. Mozilla supports it. Netscape doesn’t seem to. Not sure about the latest Netscape though.

Netscape 7+ supports iframes as do recent versions of Opera.

Many thanks for the information, chell and cdb.

  • marsbar

the latest versions of IE, mozilla, netscape, opera, and firefox all seem to support iframe tags. of course, I’d have to say IE6 does do it best.


How does IE support it “better” than Mozilla? In my experience, whenever there’s a difference between these browsers, it’s usually Mozilla that is in better conformance with standards, logic, and good sense.

– Dan

If you are running a php script then you can avoid iframes alltogether By utilising the implode command php will display the html pages…

$page = “index.html”;
$contents = implode("",file($page) );