If your e-mail service is important


For those people that are curious about Dreamhost,
One thing you should be aware of, the e-mail servers are
totally unreliable, if your e-mail is important to you, then
you will need to use a different e-mail service , the ones
they offer are basically useless, and un-reliable,
After 4 years with Dreamhosts, and this has gotten worse
instead of better, but it is a “ongoing” problem, and gets worse
every year, so any way, that is why I have decided to look for
better hosting, that also offers reliable e-mail services.
Dreamhosts apparently are not capable of that.


I’m gonna second your comment. I’ve been a customer with DreamHost for years, and noticed when things go wrong, all they ever do is give you a generic: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience and doing our best.”

It’s unsat really. Pathetically unsat. Given how much DreamHost loves to rant about how they’re on the cutting edge of webhosting, they’re rather terrible when crap hits the fan. Sometimes I wonder if they really have redundancy, failovers, or working troubleshooting procedures.

DreamHost needs to do more than just give a weak, “we’re sorry,” template response to everything. Want me to think you’re really sincere? How about giving me some idea of what the heck is going on. What you think might be broken, then when you find the real problem, provide that as it becomes known. Calling something, “emergency repair,” is vague as crap. What caused the emergency? Hackers? Virus scanner broke something? Update crashed an application? Someone spilled coffee on a server? ASA incorrectly configured?

Or how about why it can’t be fixed quickly. There’s no backups? You don’t have a failover solution? Administrator quit and told everyone payback is a female dog?

Also… actions speak louder than words, and time is money. I know the whole 99% up time that network companies like to throw around is just smoke and mirrors to make good press, but it REALLY hurts when we customers are struck with a service outage. For some it’s a huge inconvenience, but for others it can be an entire day pay. How about a full month refund worth of service if your breakdown is longer than 24 hours? That would REALLY make me think you REALLY cared about continued loyalty.

Anyways… yea… I agree with you OP.

I’ve sadly had enough and now reading up on how difficult it would be to just go to another hosting service. What I need to do to transfer domain names and backup my SQL databases… that sort of stuff. I’m not expecting perfection, but so long as it’s another A Tier hosting service, I don’t see how it can get much worst… and I’ve just built enough frustration from DreamHost to move as a sign of protest and the principal of it all.


It is hard to change hosting, and even harder to find any good hosting,…I was looking today, and even the ones that claim they are the best, ,… I find to many complaints, and things that make me
not trust them,… …but I am sure there are some better hosting, solutions out there,


I don´t use email here so I can´t comment on that but I have been with various hosting companies and like Garry says, they all have complaints, every single one of them. And some companies work under different brands, you might think you changed host and find yourself in the same server farm with the same support staff. For example the Endurance International Group (EIG) operates close to one hundred different hosting brands and they share staff and servers. Bluehost, Hostgator,Site5, etc, they all belong to them.

I feel that if email was critical for me, I would pay for a dedicated email service and not trust a hosting company to manage it. A wrote a post in my blog with a list of paid email providers if you are interested.



Atmail is terrific lol


and now DH is losing both our domains because their email support does not think that it is important to web businesses to provide a decent product or support feedback. Many things have changed since we became customers 11 plus years ago …


Folks, we’ve heard your concerns loud and clear. We identified many of the same problems that you did and we spent a lot of time and resources in 2016 to address the issues. In 2016 our whole email infrastructure was revamped with a full rollout of a modern email and collaboration system with atmail, and vadesecure antispam filters.

Things are a lot better now for email at DreamHost than they’ve been. As there is always room for improvements, we’re constantly working on it.

We all like to rant and you can rant all you want but if you want to fix issues, please share enough details so that DreamHost Support can act on them. Spreading accusations that DreamHost doesn’t think that it’s important to provide a decent product or support, is offensive to the people working here: we all do our best to drive customers’ success.


Sorry to be late to the party (I was out of the country).

To be Blunt: the reason this attitude exists is because email problems have been brushed over and ignored by Dreamhost staff for YEARS… It predates my existence as a customer even. Maybe something have changed, maybe they haven’t. You have an uphill battle tho. You can’t expect the slate to be wiped clean, particularly the battles people fought in 2016. I don’t think you completely understand the LONG history of email problems that have been ignored for YEARS and never solved.


I agree with LakeRat on this and I apologize as well for being late on this.

The company I work for use different (3 total) hosting providers for redundancy and other reasons to provide services for our clients. Dreamhost is the only one we had issues with in regards to email. I have never had (yet) any issues getting my email to be sent to and from our clients (mostly municipalities and State agencies). With Dreamhost, we found that sending to our Government clients would be blocked and embarrassing emails would be sent to our clients regarding the matter from their SPAM policies.

What we did: Switch to Exchange Online (https://products.office.com/en-us/exchange/exchange-online) that was suggested to us.

What we have found: Making that move has greatly increased our productivity and image with our clients. Our clients use Microsoft Exchange (as most Government agencies do…worked for the US for 13 years) and being able to send meeting request and interact with them has helped greatly.

What I would love to see: Dreamhost start offering Office365 and get in the action for it. I know Dreamhost prides itself on Open Source and Linux only solutions, although we have to admit, so far Open Source and Linux only solutions are not good for email…at least here. And that’s ok.

All in all, Dreamhost has been a great provider for us. The web hosting services are amazing and hard to beat in quality. We have dabbled in their DreamCompute, DreamObjects, Shared Hosting, and VPS (Web and MySQL) solutions and have been greatly impressed with not only the quality but also the value. We have seldom had any issues with their support system and team. I would recommend them for these solutions to anyone.