If i upgrade to a 2 year plan will i still be


Well when i signed up for the one year plan i used some special promo code so i was only paying like 9.42 or something for the entire year but i kinda wish i did the 2 year plan and i was wondering if i upgrade my account from a 1 to 2 year plan now would it still be giving me that same price deal where it would be in the 18’s?


The smartest thing for you to do at this time would be to stick with the current (very good!) deal you got and then simply extend it when the first year is up. I bet that by that time, DreamHost will have dreamed up some new ideas not unlike the current sale.
Why would you like to upgrade to a two-year plan now instead of waiting?

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…you mean once my service is done i can extend it at the same price?!? you sure about that?


You won’t be able to extend the sale for another year (the small print in that sale is very clear the price is only for one year, after which you will be subject to the normal rate plan.

My advice is to stick with what you’ve got now (a really good deal, by the way) and then sign up at the two year rate (assuming you want to stick with DH, which I bet you will) at the end of the promotional year.


Conspicious said better what I tried to say in my previous post. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t really used to dreamhost at first but i got used to it fast and its been a great host… i don’t really wanna pay full price next year so i’m not sure what i’ll do from there… i was only saying 2 year because i thought i could get the deal i had for 1 year at the price of 18 something but i looked again now and its not the same as what i saw before… anyway thanks for the answers…


I don’t think anybody else offers what Dreamhost offers for $7.95 per month, but it never hurts to check. If you need less than the DH plans, then you might find something cheaper.

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