If I give Wordpress a whole domain, will it interfere with a php bulletin board (or anything else) on a dedicated subdomain or subfolder?

Hi. I’ve had a number of domains hosted by Dreamhost for several years.

If I install WordPress at [mydomain].com, will it interfere with anything I’ve got on

  • a dedicated subdomain, for example if I install phpBB at forum.[mydomain].com, or if I store a bunch of documents at documents.[mydomain].com, or

  • a dedicated subfolder, for example if I store a bunch of documents at [mydomain].com/documents/ ?

No , but you’ll need to rewrite some file paths because depending on where your board resides, now you’ll use the new domain name.

You may need to use a couple rewrite rules in Htaccess.

Many thanks for this. But I’m sorry - I don’t understand your advice. What “new domain name”?

Say I install

  • WP at [mydomain].com
  • phpBB at forum.[mydomain].com,
  • and I use FTP to upload assorted files to [mydomain].com/documents/.

Where do I have to rewrite file paths if I give the respective addresses to WP and phpBB at the time of installation? Perhaps there is a right order to install those two packages in?

I may well be misunderstanding something major here. I am not a techie.

They won’t interfere with each other. As far as the server is concerned they are totally separate and unrelated entities.

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