IE7 cookie problems in squirrelmail


Anyone else experiencing login/cookie problems in squirrelmail with IE7? Ever since I installed IE7, squirrelmail automatically logs me out every 15 seconds or so. This is pretty annoying. I assume it’s the IE7 beta causing it, and I realize that is beta software but is there a workaround? This problem only occurs in squirrelmail.


While I don’t have IE7 installed atm, I have used it as part of the Windows Vista CPP and I did notice it has a fair amount of bugs, the main bug I found annoying was with the caching of pages and not checking for new pages when loading a forum for instance. The only workaround I could do for that was to disable page caching altogether.

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The caching issue is probably this one:
IEBlog : A Caching Issue in IE7 Beta 2