IE6 downloads page


When I go to in Firefox or IE5.5, The page loads fine. One copy of IE6 even worked fine. When I tried to open the page on a different computer, the browser (IE6) asked whether to download or edit the index.

It said something about a file of type: “libbey[1]” and asked what I wanted to do. When I opened it in Wordpad, it was apparent that it was not ASCII encoded. There was some crazy garbled text.

Interestingly enough, when I went to , the page loaded as normal. I had the same thing happen with and .

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on? Why would this only happen in some copies of IE6?


That sort of thing is usually related to a misconfigured server sending incorrect HTTP headers, but those of your site seem correct to me. However, it’s often the case that IE will second-guess server-sent headers and decide on its own what a page “really” is, sometimes screwing it up, and other times causing misconfigurations to be “fixed” for IE users (while the sites still fail miserably in more standards-compliant browsers).

– Dan