IE vs Firefox

This is a curious question, actually. You see, I use Mozilla Firefox and so does my sister, and we canopen the popup windows (if you go through Archives) my website, which is However, other computers in my house that use IE can’t. This wouldn’t be so weird if it weren’t for the fact that only a few days ago, IE could access those links. Anyone have any idea as to why this is?

IE has a pop-up blocker installed. Unlike IE, Fx’s pop-up blocker is built in. Firefox can tell when you physically click on a link, thus allowing that pop-up to occur. IE’s pop-up blocker, however, cannot tell when you physically click all links. Cause of this, it just blocks all pop-ups unless you click a link while holding a “by-pass” key (generally Control).

yerba# rm -rf /etc

So far IE method seams to be more of hinderance than beneficial. But then again time will tell, and who knows maybe they will get enough complaints before ver. 7 goes gold. (fingers crossed)

IE is more of a hinderance than beneficial! You’ve done the right thing by using a better browser instead.

– Dan

But what irks me is that just days ago, IE could access my pop-up windows, and now they can’t. I don’t see what is so different. And, I have even went into the pop-up blocker and said “Allow” (and it’s extensions) and it still does it. There is one thing, however: I used to have my and under the same ftp user name but then I seperated them because I kept getting mixed up. I saved, and uploaded every file from one to the other, into what they needed to be. And it’s exactly the same. That’s when IE started to reject my pop-ups? Coincidence?